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Internbd will provide you with an internship program to suit your needs, your study, your time, and your interests. Internbd also offers many placements in Bangladesh! Your internship will provide you with unprecedented real work experience and knowledge that you will never be able to learn in a classroom. You will participate in a real work environment which encompasses responsibility, opportunity, teamwork, deadlines/due dates, projects, etc. Your tasks will be manageable according to your skills and talents. You are really in charge of your own internship. You are free to set the dates of your internship. You are free to select the type of internship. You are free to take charge of your future.


We would like to remind you about the program fee. The application and placement process is free. There is no payment due until we find an actual internship placement for you. Once we find placement, you will need to submit a payment so we can start searching for your placement. To successfully placement an intern we charge 2000-5000 Tk (BDT)..

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