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internBD realizes the challenges of Change management, Leadership development, Compensation , Recruitment, Succession planning, Learning and development, Retention and so on faced by most of the employers as well as offers it best services to mitigate those. Internbd invites your company to partner with us to find interns to join your company's work force. We have world-wide applicants in our database who are searching for an internship in various professional fields in Bangladesh. Internbd is made up of a professional team whose aim is to match appropriate people, based on their background and interest, with an appropriate internship placement. We will work with your company to provide you with interns that meet your standards and qualifications. Our goal is to create a beneficial opportunity for both companies and interns. At Internbd we are looking to partner with companies that can provide our applicants with real work experience that can benefit their future careers and also provide companies with well-qualified interns that can assist with the growth and development of their business. To get the process started and let us know what your internship requirements are, simply fill out the form and we'll be in touch. We'd like to know about what your intern might be doing and where your company is based.


We would like to remind you about the program fee. The application and placement process is free. There is no payment due until we find an actual internship placement for you. To successfully source an intern for placement we charge 3000 Tk (BD)..

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